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Save Time and Money on Landscaping with SYNLawn®

SYNLawn® Austin synthetic grass designs help conserve water and require little maintenance. These safe and hypoallergenic lawns are perfect for commercial and residential landscapes, playground surfaces, pet areas, decks, patios, and putting greens. SYNLawn® provides the highest quality, bio-based turf products the industry has to offer.

The Most Advanced Artificial Grass in the Industry

With over 50 years of research and development, SYNLawn® delivers the most realistic artificial turf when compared to other competitors on the market. With plant-based materials and exclusive technologies, SYNLawn® has been able to set the highest industry standards. With a new SYNLawn® artificial grass installation, everyone in your life can enjoy the full value of what our synthetic lawns have to offer.

Super Yarn™ Technology

Now available for your commercial or residential project, SYNLawn® brings Super Yarn™ technology for the safest and cleanest turf available.

Sanitized™ Antimicrobial Technology

  • Eliminates 99% of bacteria from the turf
  • Eliminates pet odors and prevents the buildup of bacterial microbes on face fibers
  • Long lasting, dependable, and extremely safe
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DualChill™ IR Reflective Technology

  • Acts as a thermal shield, reflecting infrared IR light to prevent fading
  • Strengthens fibers making them more durable over longer periods of time
  • Up to 42% improvement of IR reflection

StatBlock™ Anti-Static Component

  • Carbon-based anti-static component that prevents the buildup of static electricity
  • The first DNA level anti-static component
  • Up to 17x reduction of static levels in our synthetic turf
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SYNLawn® believes in environmental sustainability. This led to the creation of bio-based products like the patented, plant-based EnviroLoc™ backing technology. EnviroLoc™ backing locks turf fibers in place for long-lasting durability and natural-looking beauty. This technology replaces a large portion of petroleum-based polymers with biobased polymers created from sustainable soybean oil. With recyclable components, turf fibers made from sugar cane, and a soy-based backing, our turf is easily the most sustainable ever designed. The elimination of lawn maintenance helps to reduce the carbon footprint and conserve water. Our unique product design provides long-lasting durability to keep the landscape green for years to come.

Realistic Looking Artificial Grass

SYNLawn® Austin provides the finest quality, and most realistic artificial grass for landscapes, child-safe playgrounds, pet turf, and putting greens. This sustainable alternative to natural grass reduces the time and resources required for traditional landscape maintenance. That means no more maintenance, significantly lower water bills, and more time with your family!

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Our Services

  • Artificial Lawns – Commercial and residential solutions
  • Pet Turf – Non-toxic and safe turf installation for pet areas
  • Putting Greens / Golf greens – Low maintenance all year
  • Rooftops – Create more outdoor living space
  • Fitness/Agility – Safely reduce joint pain, athletes can pivot easily
  • Playground Turf – The cleanest and safest children’s play surface
  • Sports Surfaces– High-performance athletic courts
  • Plant Walls – A relaxing atmosphere with no maintenance


SYNLawn® eco-friendly installations are:

  • Recyclable – Made in the USA with renewable, recyclable components
  • BioCel™ Plant-based Technology– EnviroLoc™ Technology uses biobased polymers such renewable soybeans for the backing instead of petroleum-based polymers
  • Conserve Water– Cut your water bill in half without the need to water your lawn
  • Safe for All Applications– SYNLawn® is the only artificial turf company to possess an E108A Fire Rating
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty– SYNLawn® artificial grass offers an unmatched limited lifetime warranty on synthetic turf products. Call SYNLawn® Austin for more information.
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Artificial Grass
Pet Grass
Pet Turf
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SYNLawn’s residential turf if low maintenance.   It’s a fact that maintaining a traditional grass lawn in Austin, TX is both time-consuming and costly. Our artificial grass will save you time and money. Not to mention lowering your water bill considerably.  Our turf looks green and beautiful year round. For those pet owners out there, we offer no more muddy paws!

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Why Go With Artificial Turf?

Financial Savings

Unlike traditional sod that is expensive to maintain due to constant upkeep and watering, artificial grass doesn’t come with these drawbacks. SYNLawn® synthetic turf installations save you money on maintenance and lawn equipment.


SYNLawn® Austin believes in creating sustainable and greener solutions, that are environmentally friendly. We work closely with US soy farmers to significantly reduce the use of petroleum-based polymers with soybean oil extracted from renewable soybeans. In addition, our realistic turf fibers are made with sugar cane. SYNLawn® is the first and only synthetic turf company to have USDA certified products using over 60% of bio-based materials in our turf.

Year-Round Activity

Modern improvements in our synthetic turf emulates the lush green look and feel of regular grass. Our exclusive Enviroloc™ backing system provides a multi-layered turf backing that locks-in turf fibers to prevent shedding, protect against wear and tear, and holes dug by pets and other animals. Furthermore, HeatBlock™ technology significantly reduces surface temperatures and prevents the turf from fading in direct sunlight. Thanks to SYNLawn®, you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities all throughout the year.

SYNLawn is the first and only provider of plant-based artificial grass. We utilize renewable materials along with our advanced technologies to ensure that our turf is the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable that it can be. We have instilled more than 50 years of research and development into our products to do so, and we continue to be the number one choice for new and existing customers as a result. By continuing our innovations, we can provide our customers with even more environmental and Class A fire-rated options. In doing so, we save customers time and money on maintenance, conserve thousands of gallons of water, reduce carbon emissions, and help prevent the spread of fires.

Locations Served

SYNLawn Austin serves many areas around Texas.

Cedar Park
Copperas Cove
Del Valle
Lago Vista
Liberty Hill
Round Rock
San Marcos

Why Go With SYNLawn Artificial Grass?

Professional Athlete Endorsement

Tom Watson

Tom Watson shares his thoughts on his new synthetic putting green from SYNLawn® artificial grass.


You can count on us to equip you with what you need for any synthetic turf application you desire.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our artificial grass products. This is made possible by the level of control we have over our production process.

Over 200,000 Successful Installations

Rest assured we are able to handle any project you may have due to the many years we have dedicated to research and development of our synthetic turf products and a record of over 200,000 beautiful synthetic grass lawn installations.