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Here in beautiful Round Rock, Texas, you can have hyper-realistic artificial grass. Enhance the beauty of your home or business with a turf installation. Choose from our huge selection of synthetic grass products. You’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your setting and for your budget.

At SYNLawn® in Round Rock, the artificial turf we provide comes with a lifetime warranty, has a competitive price, and is also recyclable, eco-friendly, and safe for children and pets.


SYNLawn® artificial turf is the perfect solution for commercial landscape applications. Choose from designs for common areas to widespread plots of land. SYNLawn® commercial artificial grass is the only choice for businesses and contractors looking to save money, resources, and cost of maintenance.


Homeowners are making the switch to artificial turf solutions, not only to save the time and money it takes to maintain traditional lawns, but because of how unbelievably true to life they look. SYNLawn® provides the solutions necessary to give you back your time and make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.


SYNLawn® is the industry leader for pet turf. Not only is our artificial pet turf easy to clean, but it also utilizes state-of-the-art Envirofill® infill technology. Envirofill®, kills germs with antimicrobial protection and significantly reduces pet odors and ammonia by up to 99%. With artificial pet grass you get a pet-safe, odor-free synthetic turf surface perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Commercial artificial living wall installed by SYNLawn


Ultra-realistic artificial plant walls in the foyer of your home or business can become a reality. You too can turn your blank canvas wall into a stunning masterpiece. Vertical plant walls provide excellent outdoor privacy screens that can be used to section off areas by the patio, pool, or rooftop space, and offer enhanced sound reduction. Durable and long-lasting for indoor and outdoor applications, these plant walls require no maintenance, no irrigation system, and no pruning or trimming. You can design a lavish, custom arrangement in any size that fits your application. Ideal for hospitality, multi-family housing, healthcare, spas, homes and more.


Switching to a synthetic lawn gives back to the environment by saving thousands of gallons of water every year. On average, residential water use reduces by up to 50% when switching to artificial turf.

  • Save time on maintenance and enjoy your yard
  • Reduce carbon emissions by eliminating lawn maintenance equipment
  • Replacing petroleum-based polyol with plant-based polyol made from renewable soybeans
  • Reduce impact on landfills with long life cycles and recyclable materials

We have the most varieties of synthetic grass available and the most options for unique designs for your application. Call for a free quote on artificial grass in Round Rock today.

stone pathway in garden


If you own a home or business in Round Rock, Texas, artificial grass is an amazing way to and beauty to your living space. Get a free estimate by providing your information below.