Austin Rooftop & Patio Turf

Synthetic Grass for More Outdoor Living Space in Austin

Transform your outdoor living space with an artificial lawn. In Austin, rooftop grass can create a cooler, more welcoming, low-maintenance living area. SYNLawn® deck turf materials look and feel like a real lawn, without the added weight necessary to add natural turf and soil to your rooftop, deck, or patio.

State-of-the-art artificial grass technology makes your rooftop, deck, or patio look even better than natural grass. Your outdoor entertainment areas are easier to maintain with no mowing and no watering! Transform unused and underutilized areas into comfortable, inviting spaces. Lounge by the pool, BBQ, have friends over, create a putting green, and a safe place for children and your pets.

Superior synthetic roof and deck turf products will transform your rooftop terrace, patio, or deck into a spectacular addition to outdoor living.

As an alternative to composite or wood decking, use SYNLawn® rooftop and deck artificial lawns. Capture the roof deck over your garage, indoor and outdoor indoor decks, areas around the pool, and patios to be more comfortable and usable. Imagine that desolate-looking area as a welcoming space. With SYNLawn®, you can make it happen!

SYNLawn Residential Roofdeck


No more hot feet! Increase outdoor leisure space by converting unused or underused areas into a personal oasis. HeatBlock™ technology from SYNLawn® keeps the temperature comfortable all year, even on the hottest days, and all with no watering!

Rooftop Artificial Grass and Deck Turf

residential putting greens

SYNLawn® clients in Austin love their synthetic grass on patios and decks thanks to:

  • Unmatched limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • UV protection
  • Use empty areas to create more outdoor living space
  • Safer, more comfortable, longer lasting and more cost-effective wood or composite
  • Looks considerably better than concrete and most other alternative flooring options
  • Enjoy how soft the grass feels on bare feet in your new outdoor living area
  • Safe for pets and children
  • No staining, painting, or weatherproofing
  • ASTM Class A Fire Rating - A SYNLawn® industry exclusive
  • Progienics® antiviral cleaning solution available in response to Covid-19
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, saves water, plant-based manufacturing

Environmentally Friendly

SYNLawn® rooftop turf saves water and requires almost no maintenance. With a long product life and recyclable, plant-based materials, SYNLawn® is safe for the environment.

SYNLawn® is a lightweight alternative, so you can have a natural-looking lawn where soil weight would be a problem. Add more outdoor living space to your home with artificial lawn alternatives that create a welcoming space all year round.

synlawn rooftop square hash pattern


synlawn artificial turf with orange chairs and a view
SynLawn artificial turf on rooftop
SynLawn Rooftop aerial view artificial turf with white chairs
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