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Artificial Turf for Pets

SYNLawn® Austin designs and installs the best artificial pet turf available. The attachment to our pets can be so strong, it is only reasonable that we want to offer them the best in life. At SYNLawn®, our artificial grass is the best you can get, for not only your pet, but for your own enjoyment as well.

No matter how big or energetic your dog is, our durable synthetic turf for pets can handle them, while also giving a delightful sensory experience. Besides looking amazing, our pet grass is very low maintenance, provides security, so your dog can’t dig underneath it, and also keeps away parasites like ticks and fleas.

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Enviroloc/Triple Layered Backing Systems

This environmentally friendly, multi-layer backing system locks in the synthetic turf fibers. This backing system extends the general life of SYNLawn® products but is especially important for commercial pet areas. The multi-layer backing system means that even destructive pets won’t be able to tear through the dog run grass to dig a hole in the underlying ground.

SYNLawn® Austin is committed to providing you with the best quality pet grass products. Our Austin pet turf specialists help you design your pet area to meets the unique needs of your canine visitors and your location specifications. Your customers will love your new high-quality pet turf!

SYNLawn® Austin helps you reduce the ongoing costs of landscape maintenance when you switch to a synthetic dog park turf. Durable, long-lasting pet turf maintains its color and an incredibly realistic texture all year long.

Eliminate expensive water and lawn maintenance crew bills. SYNLawn® Austin uses eco-friendly, technologically advanced, fake grass for dogs that provides your customers and employees with the best animal facilities.

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Advantages Of SYNLawn’s Pet Grass in Austin, Texas


Exclusive SYNLawn® HeatBlock™ technology keeps pet turf significantly cooler than regular everyday flat blade fake grass turf. Pets are more likely to go into the pet area, even on the hottest of Texan summer days. These exclusive artificial grass technologies create a low-maintenance, clean, and more comfortable place for all sizes of pets to enjoy at any time of the year.

Envirofill Infill

Envirofill™ is the only pet-friendly synthetic lawn infill. It eliminates germs with advanced antimicrobial protection and also reduces pet urine ammonia by up to 99%. This technology provides a pet-safe, odor-free artificial turf surface for kennels, dog parks, dog runs and more.

Proudly Made in the USA

SYNLawn® products are all proudly made in the USA. This ensures the highest quality at each stage of the manufacturing and development process. An unrivaled limited lifetime warranty guarantees luxury for your company’s pet area. SYNLawn® Austin is proud to say that no other synthetic dog park turf product on the market matches our environmental and technological achievements.

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Pet golden retriever with a ball on green SYNLawn artificial turf
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Pet Dalmation Dog on green SynLawn artificial turf

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SYNLawn Pet Premium

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