Commercial Rooftops

Rooftop Artificial Grass, Deck Turf, and Synthetic Patio Grass

Artificial Rooftop Turf

Capture the rooftop, deck or patio at your commercial location and transform it into a welcoming space for customers or employees. Unused or underutilized commercial real estate space wastes money every day! Reimburse your investment with a commercial artificial rooftop from SYNLawn® Austin.

SYNLawn® Austin offers realistic, creative, and unique synthetic grass designs for your business to upgrade your patio, deck, or rooftop lounge. In every major city across our nation, artificial lawns are becoming an essential component of urban landscape designs. SYNLawn® synthetic grass is ideal for commercial applications because of the low maintenance, high durability, and cost savings. As businesses spend less time and money on maintaining landscapes, they focus more on their core business objectives.

In addition, customers and employees in Austin have become more environmentally aware. Companies looking to join in the environmentally supportive messages find artificial turf an exceptional opportunity.

SynLawn artificial turf on rooftop
synlawn artificial turf with orange chairs and a view

Rooftop Grass

Installing natural grass on a rooftop patio is quite an ordeal. The weight can be a problem, especially for older buildings, and irrigation can create potential leaking issues. That’s why savvy Austin companies are installing SYNLawn® rooftop grass. It doesn’t require watering, it’s light enough that even older buildings are safe, and it looks stunning year-round. In addition, with exclusive HeatBlock™ technology, surface temperatures are significantly cooler when compared to other brands. SYNLawn® artificial grass provides unparalleled comfort on the roof, even on the hottest of Texas summer days.

Remarkably realistic-looking, SYNLawn® synthetic grass astonishes many people when they see it for the first time. Using our experienced designers and installers, your rooftop will become a haven in no time!

Commercial Industry Applications

SYNLawn® Austin provides commercial artificial grass for decks and roofing for the following business applications.

  • Restaurants / Bars / Hotels
  • Sport Centers / Miniature Golf
  • Apartment / Condo Rooftops and Decks
  • Business Centers Rooftops and Decks
  • Municipalities / City Projects
  • Daycare Centers / Schools & School
  • District Projects
  • Universities / College Campus
  • SYNLawn® Commercial Rooftop
Synlawn Commercial Rooftop

SYNLawn® has unique rooftop, patio, and deck synthetic turf solutions suitable for all business applications. Expand that rooftop deck or patio to create an employee lounge or meeting space with these state-of-the-art synthetic grass products.

Learn how you could save the environment a little more in your workplace with beautiful, inviting SYNLawn® artificial turf. Call today to get more information on bringing your business space to life.

SynLawn Artificial Turf Commercial Rooftop Yoga
SynLawn Rooftop
SynLawn Rooftop Cheers
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