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At SYNLawn Austin, one of our many goals is to revolutionize the synthetic grass market with cutting-edge technology, such as our Super Yarn, and unmatched benefits, especially for our customers in Austin, TX. By combining remarkable product features into one unrivaled grass yarn formula, our Super Yarn technology continues to innovate the turf market and is a major development in synthetic grass technologies. Many years of research and development went into the design of exclusive technologies like Super Yarn. These technologies allow us to provide superior durability, non-abrasive surfaces, antimicrobial properties, and fade-resistant turf fibers. In doing so, we can confidently offer you our Austin artificial grass that will last for several years without more than minimal maintenance. Our Super Yarn technology molecularly binds three unique enhancements at the DNA level, creating the ultimate first-of-its-kind yarn formula.

Sanitized® Antimicrobial

If you have children or pets or are generally considerate of germs, you will be glad to know that one of the components of Super Yarn is a highly effective antimicrobial called Sanitized®. Sanitized® actively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria that live on turf surfaces and are brought on by algae buildup. In addition, this antimicrobial can help control odors that are left behind in pet waste caused by ammonia. Sanitized® surfaces from SYNLawn Austin are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and moisture-wicking to provide you with cleaner artificial grass for lawns, landscapes, and putting greens in Austin, Texas.

Dualchill™ Ir Reflective Technology

Over time, traditional grass can suffer from fading. This can be because of the weather or because of a lack of consistent maintenance. Our DualChill acts as a thermal shield and reflects harmful IR rays that are responsible for the deterioration of your lawn’s vibrant hues. Artificial grass from SYNLawn Austin that includes DualChill is proven to provide an average of up to 42% improvement in IR reflectivity. With DualChill, you will be able to install your luxury lawn in a number of locations, regardless of how much sun exposure it receives.

Statblock™ Anti-static

At SYNLawn Austin, our molecularly bonded, carbon-based anti-static component, called StatBlock, prevents the production of static energy in turf fibers. Our testing and applications show that adding StatBlock to the synthetic grass fibers can reduce static levels by up to 17 times. As a result, our Austin artificial grass is less abrasive for children to play on and athletes to exercise on.

Sustainable Turf Technology

At SYNLawn Austin, environmental sustainability is one of our largest passions. This means that we do everything in our power to incorporate technologies and eco-friendly materials that continue our efforts toward a brighter ecological future. In doing so, we can save our customers 50–70% of their water usage, help cut their water bills, and significantly reduce carbon emissions. It was also with their help that we became the first and only company to offer USDA-certified synthetic turf. Super Yarn technology is one of our many reinforcements that promote sustainability. With Super Yarn, our Austin synthetic grass is a durable and long-lasting grass alternative.

USA Made Synthetic Turf Yarns

Super Yarn and all of the turf offerings from SYNLawn Austin are designed and manufactured here in the USA. It is at our 400,000 sq ft ISO 9001-certified facility in Dalton, GA, that we create some of the safest, cleanest, and greenest turf. Here, we can quality control our manufacturing every step of the way to provide a consistent product to every customer and meet environmental standards that live up to our specifications.

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At SYNLawn Austin, our Super Yarn technology helps make our artificial grass an exceptional option for homes, businesses, and more in Austin, TX. For many years, we have dedicated ourselves to our customers and their satisfaction. With our superior customer service, meticulous installations, and exclusive innovations, we continue to be the top choice for Austin artificial grass needs. To learn more about our Super Yarn technology, SYNLawn synthetic grass, and all of our services, contact us today and take advantage of your free consultation!