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Here in Austin, TX, temperatures can rise in the blink of an eye, especially during the summer. Summer is one of the hardest times for lawns and outdoor surfaces; Not only because of fading, but because heat build-up can cause surface temperatures to rise and make them uncomfortable for your family and guests to use. Competitor synthetic grass in Austin has not only been unsightly in the past, but also inefficient at maintaining comfortable surface temperatures. Other brands are often unbearable to the touch, prone to melting in the harsh sunlight, and tend to fade with exposure to UV light. When your outside area becomes uninhabitable, its value decreases. As a result, summer plans like family cookouts or pool parties are thrown off and become uncomfortable.

Even if your grass is in direct sunshine, SYNLawn has created cutting-edge technologies to keep lawn surfaces vibrant and temperatures comfortable. Much like dark-colored clothes, other artificial grass brands build up heat through a process called thermal emissivity. To truly fight the build-up of heat in Austin artificial turf, SYNLawn went to the drawing board to develop a new kind of heat-breaking technology that offers substantially cooler surface temperatures than any other turf manufacturer in the industry. Our turf fibers reflect more infrared light to keep them cooler during the midday sun and prevent them from fading and losing their hyper-realism. Let’s find out how this technology works and how it can help your commercial or residential landscape stay cool all year long.

Austin, TX Artificial Grass With Cooler Surface Temperatures

In physics, emissivity is the degree to which a material emits heat. Synthetic grass in Austin has the potential to both hold and radiate heat, in the same way that dark clothing absorbs more heat than light clothing. To address this issue, SYNLawn’s research and development group created the HeatBlock™ solution. HeatBlock is scientifically proven to lower surface temperatures by up to 20% and provide cooler surfaces than any other competitor’s turf.

In addition, SYNLawn products offer the strongest warranty against reflective light. We want to ensure that our products are the solution to all of your landscape needs, which means that we must prevent our Austin artificial grass from overheating, melting, or fading. At SYNLawn, we utilize 100% pure color pigments and our incredibly natural looking Super Yarn technology.

All year long, your lawn will remain luscious, vibrant, and offer ultra-realistic appearances and behaviors. Additionally, HeatBlock Technology on SYNLawn Austin artificial grass delivers a finish to each fiber that is softer to the touch, less abrasive, and has less shimmer than other synthetic grasses for a more natural look and feel.

Children And Pets Play Safe In The Summer

One of our top priorities at SYNLawn is safety. We explore every opportunity to innovate our products and that means exploring the many ways we can make them even safer. Many of us have children and pets that also like to join in on the summer fun. HeatBlock allows us to let them play freely without burning their feet or paws in the blistering heat, making our products perfect for dog parks, playgrounds, backyards and so much more.


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Every landscape has different needs, so when we design our products, we take inspiration from the endless possibilities for artificial turf and incorporate them into our next landscaping solution. We have spent more than 50 years researching and developing our exclusive technologies and benefits to ensure that we offer cutting-edge advancements that set us apart as a leader in our industry. SYNLawn Austin synthetic turf is perfect for all landscapes of any size and is the safest, cleanest and greenest grass alternative available today. For more information on how SYNLawn products can keep you cooler all year long, contact us today to schedule a free consultation!