Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Project Size: 14,000 square feet

Products Used: SYNAugustine X47 and SYNLawn® Precision Putt

Installation Time: 2 months

Maintenance: Program of power brooming and infill replenishment

SYNAugustine x47 and SYNLawn® Precision Putt

The ideal products for this project because of their authentic golf performance, playability, and realistic colors. In particular, SYNAugustine x47 delivers an unrivaled level of realism.  Its delicate yet dense blades in delustered olive, field green, and apple combine with a beige thatch that create a natural looking appearance. SYNAugustine x47 is designed with a reduced shine to enhance its realism, UV stabilizers are added to prevent fading, and our patented turf technologies such as Super Yarn™ turf yarn and soy based EnviroLoc™ backing are added to create one of the most technologically advanced synthetic grasses ever developed.

Super Yarn™

Over 50 years of research and development have gone into the creation of our one-of-a-kind turf innovations. One of those innovations includes Super Yarn™, the cleanest and safest turf yarn in the industry.

It features an active antimicrobial by Sanitized®, a component which removes up to 99% of the bacteria found on the turf surface.

It inhibits the formation of molds and bacteria and kills odors resulting from pet waste and other unpleasantries.

In addition, our DualChill™ IR reflective component is added to reduce the absorption of infrared light, preventing fiber decay, and increasing the resilience of our product as a whole.

Finally, StatBlock™ anti-static is added to prevent static electricity buildup, so surfaces can be more comfortable for years to come.

These three unique components are bound together at the molecular level, a feat that has never been done before in the artificial grass industry.

Commercial artificial grass putting green from SYNLawn


SYNLawn® Precision Putt is a PGA-caliber putting green turf developed to provide golfers with a genuine putting experience. Golfers of any skill level can truly improve their short game techniques by practicing on Precision Putt. In fact, professional golf coach Dave Pelz collaborated with SYNLawn® to design in a more superior putting surface that requires far less maintenance than natural grass. Precision Putt provides a natural ball roll, realistic slow down, and allows for authentic chip shots. Included in our Precision Putt turf is out HeatBlock™ technology. HeatBlock™ prevents the turf from fading, enhancing its product lifespan. Although fires are always a possibility, SYNAugustine X47 and SYNLawn® Precision Putt are ASTM Class A fire-rated, tested, and proven to lengthen the time between when a fire starts and when help arrives. Furthermore, SYNAugustine X47 and SYNLawn® Precision Putt come standard with a fully backed limited lifetime warranty.

SYNLawn® Austin

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SYNLawn® commercial golf greens are created with the highest-quality artificial turf and putting surfaces available to enable you to build a facility that not only saves you time and money on lawn care, but also attracts golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. Our putting greens are completely customizable, with rough, fringe, and fairway surfaces, LED cup lights for added flair, and obstacles to add difficulty to the game. Additionally, our synthetic putting green grass is designed not backfill with water and effective drains are added to each cup so you can play even after it rains. Optimal drainage prevents the buildup of mold.