Exploration Park in Katy, TX


Exploration Park in Katy, TX

Total Square Footage: 5,887 sq ft
Product Used: SYNTipede 321
How Long It Took to Install: 2.5 Weeks

SYNLawn® Austin and Exploration Park collaborated to install 5,887 square feet of SYNTipede 321 at their riveting public playground in Katy, TX. The park was designed to give a wide variety of age groups a place to play and relax while gaining some environmental knowledge.

Exploration Park's design is influenced by children's play, environmental care, educational ideas, and an encompassing theme of water. It features a multifunctional play area, an unstructured open lawn featuring SYNLawn® artificial grass, and a covered pavilion with picnic areas.

A sensory garden, swings, a musical bridge, a raindrop berm lawn, and a slide tower and bridge linking to a hill slide are among the play elements.

In addition to our unique playground hill installation, there is also an interactive water cycle wall that engages visitors with an interactive demonstration of the water cycle while promoting water conservation.

SYNTipede 321

The exceptional performance and natural looks of SYNTipede 321 place it at the cutting edge of artificial grass technology. This durable artificial grass features a medium pile height and exceptional strength and toughness, making it a great choice for high activity areas such as Exploration Park.

SYNTipede 321 is a versatile artificial turf that is ideal for a range of applications.

At SYNLawn® Austin, we believe in making a change in the way that synthetic grass is manufactured to create more sustainable environments and landscapes. Using plant-based materials makes our products recyclable and the first to be USDA certified.

Our USDA certification highlights the significant amount of biobased content in our artificial grass of 70% or more. Our work with US soybean farmers is the key to our eco-friendly artificial turf in Austin, TX. With their help, we are able to remove a large portion of petroleum materials in an effort to cut down our carbon footprint.

Without the need for watering, you’ll not only save money on your water bill but additionally conserve thousands of gallons of water on average throughout the year.

This is one of the primary reasons as to why SYNLawn® was chosen for this installation at Exploration Park.


In addition, SYNTipede 321 features our proprietary EnviroLoc™ backing. This multi-layer backing system is composed of recyclable materials made from soybean oil that ensure the lifespan of your artificial turf installation in Austin.

Due to its superior drainage, regardless of the amount of rainfall, this porous backing enables practically immediate usage of our grass products.

SYNTipede 321 is the tallest turf solution in the collection that makes use of our Super Yarn™ technology. This breakthrough technology is made up of three molecularly bonded advancements that come together to form a singular turf yarn.

First, our antimicrobial by Sanitized® eliminates 99 percent of germs, inhibits bacterial development and odors from accumulating in the environment.

Following that, DualChill™ IR reflecting technology filters off infrared radiation, which can cause fading in turf fibers.

Finally, StatBlock™ is a carbon-based antistatic that prevents static charge from accumulating on the surface of this artificial grass.


Additionally, SYNTipede 321 is engineered with safety in mind. When your child goes out to play, the last thing on their mind is safety and cleanliness. IPEMA certification is included with SYNTipede 321.

This item will safeguard pets and children against falls of up to ten feet. Accidents may happen while roughhousing, but this certification ensures that SYNTipede 321 can help minimize common playground and backyard injuries.

In the unforeseen case of a fire, SYNTipede 321 provides further protection by meeting ASTM E108 Class A fire rating, decreasing the amount of damage caused by flames.

Throughout the years, SYNLawn® has made its products available for a number of commercial applications. From lawns to dog parks to, PGA-caliber Austin golf putting greens.

SYNLawn® Austin artificial grass is designed for it all. Transform your awkward of empty side yard into a putting green to practice your short game.

Give your pet a comfortable place to relax or play in the sun. Revitalize your front lawn to create an incredible first impression for your customers. The savings of our eco-friendly artificial grass alone is enough for our customers to make the switch to SYNLawn®. Say goodbye to maintenance, faded colors, and muddy paws.


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