Lawns are expensive, time-consuming and not environmentally friendly. But they look gorgeous! So, how to get a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood, without the time, money, and negative environmental impact?

Luckily, SYNLawn has the perfect alternative here in Austin. Our residential artificial turf never looks like fake grass! You can have an incredible-looking lawn at home that saves time, money, and the planet!

Wide Selection of Artificial Turf

SYNLawn is the largest manufacturer of synthetic grass, so we offer a wide selection of different styles of lawns. A variety of colors, in different heights and yarn types. Choose your dream lawn from several artificial grass options!

Water conservation is a major concern in Austin, in Texas, and across the country. Of course, as you save water, you support these conservation efforts, but it puts cash into your pocket, too. Reduce your water usage, and you lower your water bill.

Low Maintenance

Save Water & Save Money

Save thousands with the lawn service or many hours of your time weeding, mowing and laboring in the hot sun. Let your SYNLawn artificial grass installation take away all the hassles of having a perfect lawn, leaving you with all the benefits.

Manufacturer Backed Warranty

SYNLawn Austin offers comprehensive manufacturer-backed warranties. From the raw materials to your artificial grass installation, we manage every step of the process. SYNLawn Austin guarantees every product and every installation.

Reduce those high water bills

Eliminate maintenance expenses

Great in play areas

Safe for pets and kids

No more muddy feet and paws tracking dirt into the house

Made In USA

Cooling options for comfortable touch in the hottest sun

Aesthetics. Be the envy of the neighborhood!

Increase your home value

Additional Benefits of SYNLawn Austin Artificial Grass

Keep your lawn looking its best with the SYNLawn Austin residential artificial grass. Save money on maintenance costs with this beautiful, earth-friendly, synthetic landscape solution for your home.

Keeping a healthy lawn costs time and money. Many homeowners find that watering their lawn makes up to 70% of their water usage. So, reducing that usage means an incredible drop in their water bill every month.

Plus, fertilizers keep grass green but impact the environment and are often not entirely safe for children or pets. It’s convenient to hire a lawn maintenance service, but that’s an expense, too. But if you don’t hire a lawn service, you end up purchasing and maintaining expensive lawn equipment. And then you still have to spend your own free time laboring in the hot sun, all for a few green blades of grass.

In no time, a new artificial grass installation from SYNLawn literally pays for itself! Call today for a free estimate from SYNLawn Austin.

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