D.R. Horton Summer Camp Ranch

D.R. Horton Summer Camp Ranch

Products Used: 27,000 sq. ft. SYNPro 60 and 1,350 sq. ft. of Precision Putt with SYNRye 200

Not long ago in Fort Stockton, TX, SYNLawn Austin lent their hand to installing the highest quality synthetic grass at DR Horton’s Summer Camp, Camp Horton. A total of 27,000 square feet of SYNPro 60 was installed in an alternating arrangement to resemble the mow lines found on baseball fields and athletic fields. In addition, a 1,350 square foot putting green with Precision Putt golf green turf and SYNRye 200 for the fringe was developed and built by SYNLawn for the kids to enjoy at Camp Horton.

This installation features three of our highly popular Austin artificial grass options that offer superior durability, technological advancements, and incredible safety standards. This ensures that D.R. Horton’s installation is highly resistant to heavy foot traffic, stays cool all throughout the year, and does not require any traditional maintenance. Alternatively, these three synthetic grass options offer lush, vibrant appearances through rain or shine, and can help prevent the spread of fire.

SYNPro 60

SYNPro 60, one of our most popular grass designs combines dazzling realism with opulent beauty, making it a great option for the majority of lawn and landscape applications. Its delustered and UV-stabilized turf fibers offer decades of fade-resisting endurance. In addition, SYNPro 60 is part of our collection of USDA-certified products. Products that are USDA-certified, contain more than 60% bio and plant-based content making them recyclable as well as capable of saving our customers substantial amounts of water and money year after year.

Dr Hortons Camp artificial grass installation
Artificial grass installed at the dr horton camp

SYNRye 200

This artificial grass option was the first to get the coveted Class A ASTM E-108 fire rating, setting a new standard. Surprisingly soft and suitable for high-traffic locations, SYNRye 200 is versatile enough to be used on roofs, playgrounds, and even golf-putting green fringe. SYNLawn offers the strongest warranty against reflective light ensuring that even in harsh reflective sunlit areas, each SYNLawn artificial grass installation in Austin featuring SYNRye 200 will be protected for years to come.

Precision Putt

The most lifelike and professional golf experience is provided by Precision Putt from SYNLawn. It is suggested for intermediate to expert golfers looking for reliable ball roll performance and precise chip shots since it is made of incredibly durable fibers, which will last for years to come in all climates. Precision Putt was made in partnership with golf professionals to create the highest quality golf green installations throughout the USA.

Drone shot of the artificial grass at dr hortons camp

EnviroLoc+™ Backing System

EnviroLoc+ from SYNLawn is a plant-based backing system that is one of many exclusive advancements that cannot be found in other Austin artificial turf products. EnviroLoc+ is a two-part woven backing which provides a fuller tufted appearance and protects the turf from shedding, tearing, and shifting on impact. Our exclusive backing is one of the many innovations created in partnership with US soy farmers who help us locally source the soybean oil that is used to replace substantial amounts of petroleum found in traditional turf backing. EnviroLoc+ ensures less fiber loss for a longer lasting and more environmentally responsible approach to synthetic grass as well as reduces algae and fungi growth to help alleviate allergies in the environment. The long-life expectancy of SYNLawn Austin synthetic grass reduces the impact on landfills, eliminates emissions from lawn care tools, and saves precious water resources.

HeatBlock™ Technology

During the sometimes-scorching Texas Summer, it can be difficult to enjoy our landscapes as traditional grass and other artificial turf options can become too hot to handle. SYNLawn products including SYNPro 60, SYNRye 200, and Precision Putt are manufactured with our exclusive HeatBlock technology. HeatBlock is scientifically proven to combat heat absorption and keep our surfaces up to 20% cooler than competitive turf brands. By actively preventing the build-up of heat, our products can be comfortably enjoyed even during the hottest times of the year and offer a wonderful place to relax by the pool.

Drone shot of the DR horton camp

Furthermore, DR Horton’s summer camp ranch offers incredible safety from common injuries as well as protection against fire outbreaks. These three incredible products are IPEMA certified and can help to cushion falls that lead to more serious injuries. Our ASTM E-108 Class A fire rating allows us to provide artificial turf that can and will help prevent the spread of fires. Having a Class A fire rating substantially increases the crucial time window first responders need to arrive and extinguish a fire. While other products will burn up in the flames, SYNLawn products will simply melt and blacken rather than being exacerbated by wind causing extreme injury and property damage.

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